Our history

The story of Mybite

In 2017, the founders of Mybite A/S started experimenting with a few, high-quality ingredients to develop a healthier fruit bar. The development process took longer than planned, as only the best ingredients and gentlest production methods were to be used.

Although Mybite A/S itself has only been around since 2020, its historical roots go back more than 70 years. Below, you can see our three-generation timeline, where our ongoing adaptation to new products and a focus on food quality have been the key to success.

The Mybite timeline

It all started in 1950 when Aksel Lægaard, a highly skilled baker, founded the Højslev K. Bakery. As the business took off, and products were marketed to supermarkets, he changed the name to Højslev Biscuit.


Aksel Lægaard founds Højslev Kirkeby Bakery together with his wife Inga Lægaard. Products such as rye bread and baguettes are baked and sold on local bread delivery rounds six days a week.

Picture here, the company truck that delivers baked goods to local customers.



Growing bigger year by year, the bakery moves to larger premises in 1955. It now employs five people, and some of its production is sold in stores and supermarkets.

Inga Lægaard in front of Højslev K. Bakery.



Increasing sales, especially to stores and larger supermarkets, lead to an expansion of the bakery and warehouse in 1965 and 1973. More cookies, gingerbread and meringues are put into production. During this period Højslev Biscuit develops from a traditional into an industrial bakery.


Herning Biscuit, Vesterlund Bageri and Højslev Biscuit start cooperating on product distribution, and Højslev Biscuit decides to continue producing gingerbread and chocolate meringues.

Aksel Lægaard with a pallet of gingerbread ready for shipment to customers.



Dividing the product range among the three bakeries frees up packaging machine capacity. New to the range are mixed dried fruits and nuts.

A former employee packaging pecans for a customer.


With contract packaging now accounting for a huge proportion of sales, the company decides to build a new 2,000 m2 production and storage facility exclusively for these activities. The new activities also need a new name, and so Scan Pack A/S is born. Over the next 21 years, the product range is constantly developed and expanded, and, after several extensions, the building ultimately covers 4,000 m2. Scan Pack A/S has now been packing HARIBO’s Pingvin sweets for a number of years, along with various foods produced by a host of other Danish and foreign manufacturers.

Rice, breadcrumbs, nuts and potato flour have become the most important products packed here and sold to practically every retail chain in Denmark as well as in some other Nordic countries.

Scan Pack back in 2009.



Højslev Biscuit is sold.


Large parts of the production as well as the buildings are sold to our largest customer Nordic Food Partners.


Scan Pack A/S moves to a newly built facility in Skive, Denmark, with a smaller customer base, but one that grows considerably over the years. During this period, the process of packaging nuts, seeds and kernels in Ziplock bags is developed with great success.


Official launch of Mybite fruit snacks.


All Scan Pack’s packaging activities are divested.

100% focus on Mybite A/S.