Core values


Sustainability is essential to our quality policy. Because we believe in treating our environment with respect and consideration, all our packaging is made of recyclable materials and all cardboard packaging is also FCS certified.

Transparency and integrity

Our approach is to be open, honest, and courteous at all times. Our guiding principle is direct dialogue. We focus on delivering promised results and communicating clearly. Transparency and integrity are values that set us apart.


At Mybite, we believe a company cannot exist without passion for its mission. This is why we dedicate ourselves – each and every day – to developing new products and ideas that benefit our employees, business partners, consumers and, last but not least, the environment.


At Mybite, we never compromise on the quality of our products and services. All our products are manufactured to the highest standards of food hygiene and from natural ingredients. We have always ensured the purity and quality of our products in every respect. Quality is a core value that demands all our efforts, determination and courage. This is the key to our success.